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Introducing Tiffin Lunches @ Bandook

Allow us to prepare 3 tiers of Flavoursome Tiffin dishes chosen by you. All you need to do is:
  • Opt for The Tiffin Lunch Menu between 12pm – 3pm

  • Bath (Monday to Friday) & Bristol (Tuesday to Friday)

  • Choose 3 tasty dishes from the Bandook menu that has been Tiffin approved
  • Enjoy a complimentary Glass of Karak Chai
  • Leave it to our Kitchen Team to prepare it effortlessly for you and wait for our Bandook waiter to serve it to you with a smile
  • Chalo! (Lets go!)

There is a more sentimental meaning to our Tiffin Lunch, here is why:

  • Every Tiffin Lunch ordered, £1 would be donated to the Dabbawalas Charity in Mumbai (Scroll down for more info)
  • We are also serving complimentary Tiffin Lunches to the first 20 customers per day! (Every Mon – Thurs between 12pm – 2pm, valid until 28/01/21).
Tiffin boxes are popularly used in India, particularly in Mumbai where Tiffin-Wallahs (Also known as Dhabawallas) would pack a 3-4 tier tiffin lunch box made up of aluminium steel and deliver to the office workers in time for lunch!

Lunch is delivered in this system to keep the food nice and warm, food is always light, nutritious and extremely flavoursome!
The Dabbawala’s have been feeding Mumbaikers for over 130 years, delivering Tiffin packed full of food to the workers using trains and predominantly in bicycles.

Due to unprecedented circumstances, a majority of Dabbawala’s have lost their livelihoods since Mumbai City coming to a standstill by closing off the local trains because of lockdown. As financial struggle mounts on the Dabbawala’s they have set up a wonderful charity, ‘Dabbawalas Charity’ in Mumbai and this is how you can help them:
  • Providing ration until the local trains and Dabbawalas business restarts
  • Medical facility for Dabbawalas
  • Distributing new bicycles, as bicycles used by Dabbawalas have rusted and due to the rain and unuse for the past 6 months
  • Educational material for the children of Dabbawalas
  • Clothing for Dabbawalas
  • Nominal direct payments to Dabbawala bank account to meet various small needs
  • Providing alternative employment to Dabbawalas and their families
We are pleased to launch our Tiffin Lunch Menu, where you can get a tiny experience of what a tiffin lunch in Mumbai feels like but also we can pay homage to the many years and hard work from our Mumbai Dabbawala’s by now contributing a small fraction of our sale towards their charity- every little can make the biggest difference!

Click here if you would like to get to know more about this Charity: